7 Ways To Make A Marriage Better

by admin on November 2, 2009

Marriage Counseling There are many ways to make a marriage better. Today we are only going to explore seven ways.  They are not necessarily in the order of importance.  So sit down, fasten your seat belt and get ready for an adventure that if followed will change the way you look at your marriage, and even make your marriage better.

!.. Praise is such a great gift, and it’s so easy to give. So look at the things that make your spouse unique and develop the habit of praising your mate for those special things.

2.  When in conflict, and you will have conflict, we all do, it is a very painful time.  How you respond is very important.  Before responding (pause and ask yourself) what am I doing to flame this conflict, and what can I do to put the fire out. See it like an oyster, it endures much irritation but what come out of it if endured brings forth a precious pearl there is a personal benefit in every one.

3. It is important to be flexible.  It’s better to have peace than to have to be right   In a mutually satisfying relationship, both partners are able to express their feelings freely and they have the flexibility to give and take.  So choose with an act of your will to be open to listen to your mates feelings.

4.  Sharing deep feelings with each other is emotional intercourse, and it’s vital to sexual satisfaction.

5.  Validation goes hand in glove with love, chose to validate your mates feelings even if you don’t necessarily have the same opinion.   Feelings are neither right nor wrong they just are, and seem right to the person with the feelings.  So remember listen, hear, and validate.

6.  Anger is our choice. We can choose to see its powerful potential for destruction and take steps to reduce it within ourselves.  If so we are like David who took down the Giant with one tiny smooth stone.

7.  Finally to make your marriage better be a giver.  Learn ways to give of yourself to your spouse.  The outcome will amaze you.

Dr. Jack

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